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Galley Bay - Luxury holidays to Antigua

/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45 beach main small 4_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45DS03 small_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_beach09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_beach309102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_beach-loungers09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_bedroom-lounge09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_boardwalk09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_couples-treatment-cabana09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_deluxe-room09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_galley-bay-pool-109102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gauguin-cottage09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gauguin-cottage-pool09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gauguin-restaurant09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-beach109102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-beachatangle09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-beachfullpublic09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-beachfullsuites09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-chaises109102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-chaises209102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-couplebeach09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-deck109102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-deck209102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-deck6jpeg09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45 galley-bay-antigua_gb-deluxeexterior_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-flipflops09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45 galley-bay-antigua_gb-gauguin1_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-gauguin209102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-gauguinexterior09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-girlbeach309102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-girlbeach409102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-girlseated09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-hatdetail09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-lagoon209102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-premiumbalcony09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-reception09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-sunloungers209102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-teepeebar09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-thegauguin109102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-thegauguin209102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gym09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_ismays-restaurant09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_lagoon09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_library09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_library209102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_north-suite-bedroom09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_north-suite-lounge09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_overview09102010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45 Premium Suite_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45 Restaurant 05_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 A/CE45_CE45 view from sea small 4_A.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45 beach main small 4_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45DS03 small_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_beach09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_beach309102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_beach-loungers09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_bedroom-lounge09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_boardwalk09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_couples-treatment-cabana09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_deluxe-room09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_galley-bay-pool-109102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gauguin-cottage09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gauguin-cottage-pool09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gauguin-restaurant09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-beach109102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-beachatangle09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-beachfullpublic09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-beachfullsuites09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-chaises109102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-chaises209102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-couplebeach09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-deck109102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-deck209102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-deck6jpeg09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45 galley-bay-antigua_gb-deluxeexterior_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-flipflops09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45 galley-bay-antigua_gb-gauguin1_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-gauguin209102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-gauguinexterior09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-girlbeach309102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-girlbeach409102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-girlseated09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-hatdetail09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-lagoon209102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-premiumbalcony09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-reception09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-sunloungers209102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-teepeebar09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-thegauguin109102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gb-thegauguin209102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_gym09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_ismays-restaurant09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_lagoon09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_library09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_library209102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_north-suite-bedroom09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_north-suite-lounge09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45galley-bay-antigua_overview09102010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45 Premium Suite_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45 Restaurant 05_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Antigua/CE45 B/CE45_CE45 view from sea small 4_B.jpg
  • About this holiday

    Expressions Holidays recommends Galley Bay to couples looking for a good-value Caribbean holiday beside a wonderful beach. Expressions Holidays offers excellent wedding and honeymoon packages to Galley Bay.  With just 98 rooms and an intimate feel, the hotel offers all you need for a beach based honeymoon on a generous full-board basis, including all drinks, complimentary kayaking, sunfish sailing, windsurfing, tennis and more. Choose between Gauguin Cottages set in gardens with a private splash pool, or a beachfront room or villa overlooking the ocean.

    The journey and how you get there


    All meals, Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including spirits, beer and house wine by the glass, Non-motorised water sports (wind-surfing, sailing, snorkelling, kayaking, hobie-style catamarans, stand up paddle boarding), Tennis, Freshwater swimming pool, Bicycles, Croquet, Nightly entertainment.

    Included in your holiday

    Expressions holidays include a scheduled flight with British Airways from London to Antigua, private transfers and full board with drinks.

    Holiday prices

    Sample prices are per person based on two people sharing a Superior Beachfront double or twin room
    From £2329 to £2847 for 7 nights.
    The prices displayed here are a guide only for this hotel and each holiday price will be tailor-made at the time of booking to reflect the actual flight costs and all up-to-date special offers.

    Special Offers

    • Early Booking Offer until February 2020
      Book before the 28th February 2020 and receive up to a 20% discount off our contract rates for stays until December 2020. This offer is combinable with selected other offers. Restrictions apply.
    • Caribbean 2019 autumn early booking offer
      Book a holiday of at least 7 nights to the Caribbean by 31 August 2019 for stays between now and 30 November 2019 and receive a reduction of £100 per person.
    • Caribbean 2020 early booking offer
      Book a holiday of at least 7 nights to the Caribbean by 30 September 2019 for stays between 1 December 2019 and 31 March 2020 and receive a reduction of £150 per person.

    Hotel code


    Our opinion

    Galley Bay is set amid hills and fields on a wonderful stretch of palm-fringed beach

    Hotel description

    Although only four miles from St John’s, Galley Bay has an isolated and private position on the west coast of Antigua. The resort is situated amid hills and fields on a wonderful stretch of palm-fringed beach that is three quarters of a mile long. Forty acres of lush tropical gardens surround the resort, which is reached by a wooden bridge that crosses a lagoon and bird sanctuary, ensuring true tranquillity. The interiors of the resort have been thoughtfully designed to complement the stunning natural surroundings, through the use of bamboo, thatch and terracotta, creating a rustic charm. Galley Bay’s situation makes it very much a place for rest and relaxation, but also for a wide range of activities. Jogging trails traverse the tranquil bird sanctuary and there is an excellent range of complimentary non-motorised water sports available on the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, including snorkelling and sailing. Alternatively, you can relax on the sandy beach or by the side of the lovely pool, which has a cascading waterfall that provides a most exotic and tranquil situation. If you wish to venture a little further afield, scuba diving, riding and golf can be arranged (at a supplement) not far from the hotel. Galley Bay’s spa offers a fantastic range of treatments that have been designed to enhance your holiday experience. Award-winning Euro-Caribbean cuisine awaits in the oceanfront Seagrape Restaurant, showcasing the finest local produce and seafood. For a more intimate dining experience, guests can reserve one of the thatched cabanas in the Gauguin Restaurant, where delicious grill fare is served by candlelight as the waves crash upon the sand in the distance. The resort is composed of only seventy rooms, which gives it a charming cosy ambience. A unique feature of the resort are the Gauguin cottage rooms, which are set in the tropical gardens between the beach and the lagoon and have a rustic and cosy feel, boasting private splash pools. For more contemporary and spacious accommodation, we would recommended the beachfront rooms, especially the Deluxe beachfront rooms as the rooms on the ground floor have a large beach patio that allows direct access to the beach. Galley Bay offers a world of seclusion and comfort but also accessibility to the multitude of sightseeing possibilities on the island. No children under the age of 16 years are permitted at the resort.



    Official star rating


    Annual opening

    All year

    Distance from airport

    25 minutes by car

    Closest airport


    Room types

    Galley Bay offers 98 rooms of the following categories: All the rooms and suites include, air conditioning, ceiling fan, coffee machine, mini fridge, safe, wifi.
    Deluxe Beachfront Rooms: Private patio for ground floor rooms or private balconies for first floor rooms.
    Gauguin Suite: Private patio with plunge pool. Mini kitchenette.
    Premium Beachfront Suite: Either ground floor or first floor. Ground floor rooms lead straight onto the beach and first floor rooms have private balconies.
    Superior Deluxe Beachfront room: Secluded terrace with sun loungers.

    Hotel facilities and services

    3 restaurants, Swimming pools, Beach Yoga pavillion, Spa, Complimentary non-motorised water sports, Tennis (and services of tennis pro), Gym, Volleyball, Croquet, Games pavilion, Complimentary use of bicycles, Entertainment some evenings, Laundry, Car rental can be arranged, Weddings arranged.

    Water sports

    Complimentary non-motorised water sports including, snorkelling, sunfish sailing, hobie cats, kayaking and windsurfing, paddle boarding.

    Land sports

    Tennis court (private lessons can be arranged with the tennis pro for an extra charge), Croquet, Game pavilion, Fitness centre, Beach volleyball.

    Out and aboutnearby/local interest

    Countrified location, Five Islands Village. Both Jolly Harbour and the capital St Johns is a 25 minute drive away. The historic town of English Harbour is 45 minutes away.

    Sports nearby


    Children under 16 years of age are not accepted. Rollaway beds can be added to the Premium Beachfront Suite room type.

    Minimum stays

    Minimum stay of 7 nights from 21 December 2018 to 2 January 2019.

    Other information

    Diners at Ismay's fine dining restaurant will be charged a US$45 supplement per person (payable locally).

    Hire a bike to explore this extensive resort and its surrounding area.
    Accommodation at the resort ranges from Superior Beacfront to the spacious premium beachfront suites. The ground floor Deluxe Beachfront rooms are particularly spacious and have a large patio that offers direct access to the beautiful beach, allowing you to make the most of the glorious location.


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