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The Oberoi Bali - Luxury holidays in Bali

/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_25892764_74385-0805012011_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_25892768_74385-0505012011_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_25892772_74385-0705012011_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_25892776_74385-0105012011_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_25892780_74385-0405012011_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_27928166_H4FUXL0005012011_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_27928219_H4FUXL0F05012011_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_27928239_H4FUXL0G05012011_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_27928258_H4FUXL0805012011_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_27928263_04 - Lanai interior05012011_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_27928268_Pool Villa05012011_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_27928276_TOB - Meeting Room05012011_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_30774666_Amphitheatre05012011_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_30836554_Garden next to Bale Kul Kul05012011_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77 H0EKTD0502031_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77 H0EKTD0E02027_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77 H0EKTH0402028_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77 H0EKTH0902029_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77 H0EKTH0I02030_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 A/EXH77_EXH77 H0EKTH0J02026_A.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_25892764_74385-0805012011_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_25892768_74385-0505012011_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_25892772_74385-0705012011_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_25892776_74385-0105012011_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_25892780_74385-0405012011_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_27928166_H4FUXL0005012011_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_27928219_H4FUXL0F05012011_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_27928239_H4FUXL0G05012011_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_27928258_H4FUXL0805012011_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_27928263_04 - Lanai interior05012011_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_27928268_Pool Villa05012011_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_27928276_TOB - Meeting Room05012011_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_30774666_Amphitheatre05012011_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77H0EKT_30836554_Garden next to Bale Kul Kul05012011_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77 H0EKTD0502031_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77 H0EKTD0E02027_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77 H0EKTH0402028_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77 H0EKTH0902029_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77 H0EKTH0I02030_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Bali/EXH77 B/EXH77_EXH77 H0EKTH0J02026_B.jpg
  • About this holiday

    Expressions holidays recommends the Oberoi Bali to couples seeking a wonderfully peaceful hotel with tranquil, lush gardens which is situated on a fantastic beach. Each Villa boasts a large sunken bath and a private walled garden. The world renowned pool has stunning sea views and is bejewelled by candlelight each evening. A truly enchanting hotel in a stunning location which offers a hint of the mystique and history of a by-gone Indonesia.


    The journey and how you get there


    Included in your holiday

    Expressions holidays include scheduled flights with British Airways from London to Singapore and on to Denpasar with Singapore Airlines and a double room on room only basis.

    Holiday prices

    Sample prices are per person based on two people sharing a Type A double or twin room
    From £1605 to £1950 for 7 nights.

    The prices displayed here are a guide only for this hotel and each holiday price will be tailor-made at the time of booking to reflect the actual flight costs and all up-to-date special offers.

    Hotel code


    Our opinion

    The open-air pavilions of The Oberoi face a pond rich with golden carp and water lilies.

    Hotel description

    Amongst beautiful tropical gardens, The Oberoi is arranged into a private village of low, traditional thatched buildings that create the charm that Bali is so famous for. The resort’s flower laden gardens open onto a golden 500-metre stretch of beach over which the sun sets majestically. Only thirty-five minutes away from Bali’s main shopping areas, the resort is secluded and tranquil, designed to complement the natural beauty that abounds in the area and to capture the spirit of the island and its people. Winding pathways travel between the buildings and amongst fragrant frangipani, passing traditional artefacts on the way. The swimming pool overlooks the sea, framed splendidly by flowering trees and lit up dramatically at night. The soft golden sands of Seminyak Beach provide plentiful space for relaxation and for long walks in the warm evenings. The spa is contained within peaceful open-air massage pavilions that face a pond rich with golden carp and water lilies. In this tranquil environment you can achieve blissful relaxation with a wide variety of treatments, including traditional Indonesian and Thai rituals. A feeling of exotic serenity prevails throughout the resort, but if you wish to make the most of the crystal clear waters that surround the island, the concierge will be happy to arrange a number of water activities including boat trips, fishing, diving, snorkelling and river rafting. The resort’s three restaurants offer International and local cuisine in a range of sophisticated environments. Enjoy breakfast under the palm trees by the beach at the Frangipani Café, or a candlelight dinner at The Amphitheatre, which is only open two to three times a week and where buffet meals are accompanied by traditional Balinese dance. Accommodation at The Oberoi is in villas and Lanais, which have been designed to reflect the traditional Balinese style through the use of natural furnishings and colours. Despite this, they do not lack in modern comforts and include luxurious bathrooms that overlook private gardens. The Luxury Villas are highly recommended as each has their own private terrace and a garden courtyard with a raised pavilion, which is ideal for a private breakfast or a romantic dinner by candlelight. The Oberoi is a most enchanting hotel that offers true seclusion in a setting that reflects the traditions and mystery of the Indonesian archipelago.



    Official star rating

    no rating

    Annual opening

    All year.

    Distance from airport

    About 15 minutes by car from the airport.

    Closest airport

    Fly to Singapore and on to Denpasar, Bali’s airport.

    Room types

    60 Lanais and 15 luxury villas.

    Hotel facilities and services

    Facilities at the Oberoi, Bali include: 3 restaurants, Swimming pool, Bar, Tennis courts, Beach, Fitness, Spa, Boutique, Traditional dance performances, Shuttle service to Legian village 6 times a day.

    Water sports

    Land sports

    Out and aboutnearby/local interest

    Sports nearby


    Minimum stays

    Other information

    Experience more of the Indonesian islands with a two centre stay at The Oberoi in Lombok. Stay at least 8 nights in total between both hotels receive a complimentary champagne breakfast or a buffet dinner.The hotel’s villas and lanais reflect the traditional Balinese style and are set within stone walls for complete privacy. The Luxury Villas are recommended for complete privacy as each has a private terrace and a garden courtyard with has a raised pavilion where you can enjoy a private meal.


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