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/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1763 Ulpotha21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1764 Ulpotha entrance21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1765 Ulpotha shower enclosure21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1767 Ulpotha sleeping hut looking onto paddy fields21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1768 Ulpotha palm tree walk21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1769 Ulpotha mud hut21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1770 Ulpotha herbal steam bed21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1771 Ulpotha Ayurveda treatment room21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1772 Ulpotha Ayurveda water cauldron21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1773 Ulpotha Ayurveda herbal bath21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1774 Ulpotha Ayurveda centre21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1775 Ulpotha kitchen21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1776 Ulpotha kitchen21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1777 Ulpotha main house and dining pavilion21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1778 Ulpotha tree house by lake21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1779 Ulpotha lake21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1780 Ulpotha hand-made boat21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1783 Ulpotha sleeping hut (near entrance)21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1785 Ulpotha sleeping hut (near entrance)21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1788 Ulpotha shower enclosure concealed tap21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1789 Ulpotha wc21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1790 Ulpotha wc21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1791 Ulpotha flowers21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1792 Ulpotha Yoga pavilion21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1793 Ulpotha sleeping hut21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1796 Ulpotha eating pavilion21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1797 Ulpotha ayurveda treatment room21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1798 Ulpotha Ayurveda centre21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 A/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1802 Ulpotha Palm tree walk21122010_A.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1763 Ulpotha21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1764 Ulpotha entrance21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1765 Ulpotha shower enclosure21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1767 Ulpotha sleeping hut looking onto paddy fields21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1768 Ulpotha palm tree walk21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1769 Ulpotha mud hut21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1770 Ulpotha herbal steam bed21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1771 Ulpotha Ayurveda treatment room21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1772 Ulpotha Ayurveda water cauldron21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1773 Ulpotha Ayurveda herbal bath21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1774 Ulpotha Ayurveda centre21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1775 Ulpotha kitchen21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1776 Ulpotha kitchen21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1777 Ulpotha main house and dining pavilion21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1778 Ulpotha tree house by lake21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1779 Ulpotha lake21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1780 Ulpotha hand-made boat21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1783 Ulpotha sleeping hut (near entrance)21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1785 Ulpotha sleeping hut (near entrance)21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1788 Ulpotha shower enclosure concealed tap21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1789 Ulpotha wc21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1790 Ulpotha wc21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1791 Ulpotha flowers21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1792 Ulpotha Yoga pavilion21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1793 Ulpotha sleeping hut21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1796 Ulpotha eating pavilion21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1797 Ulpotha ayurveda treatment room21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1798 Ulpotha Ayurveda centre21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH714 B/EXH714_EXH714IMG_1802 Ulpotha Palm tree walk21122010_B.jpg
  • About this holiday

    A site of pilgrimage and traditional working village located close to the Cultural Triangle, Ulpotha promises peace and tranquillity in a beautiful rural setting. Spend plenty of time exploring the outstanding natural environment around the village. Guests will enjoy the fresh vegetarian cuisine, yoga classes and holistic Ayurveda treatments. Expressions Holidays recommends Ulpotha for the unique opportunity to relax in simple, rustic surroundings on one of our touring holidays of Sri Lanka.

    The journey and how you get there


    Included in your holiday

    Expressions Holidays includes scheduled flights with Sri Lankan London to Colombo return in economy, private car transfers, full board based on two people sharing a double or twin room.

    Holiday prices

    Sample price is per person based on two people sharing a Type A double or twin room.
    From £3,760 for 7 nights.
    The price displayed here is a guide only for this hotel and each holiday price will be tailor-made at the time of booking to reflect the actual flight costs and all up-to-date special offers.

    Hotel code


    Our opinion

    The word Ulpotha evokes a wistful smile in those who have experienced this unique yoga, meditation and ayurveda retreat.

    Hotel description

    Ulpotha has been a pilgrimage site for thousands of years and remains an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Sri Lanka. It is a beautiful private holistic retreat open to guests for part of the year; a place of total peace, where you can experience the warm and gentle hospitality that Sri Lankans love to offer.
    Ulpotha is actually a traditional working village cradled on the one side by low mountains and a lotus ringed lake, and on the other by tiny emerald green paddy fields. The bio-diversity of Ulpotha is extraordinary, with flora, fauna and bird life of dazzling variety. Animal life is equally varied, with even wild (but gentle) elephants visiting from time to time. Its focus, at present, is on the restoration of an ageless agricultural way of life including bio-diverse organic farming and reforestation of the land.
    At Ulpotha you will find a natural sanctuary of tranquil beauty where the main activity is simply relaxing in its remarkable atmosphere of peace and calm, occasionally strolling over to the pavilion to indulge in the tasty organic, vegetarian cuisine. For those more purposeful in nature, there are Yoga classes led by some of the world's leading Yoga teachers and Ayurveda administered by Dr Srilal Mudunkothge, an acclaimed practitioner of this ancient, holistic medical art.
    This is very simple living with nature – you are sleeping on a mattress (albeit comfy and complete with mosquito net) on the floor of a beautifully created mud hut that is loved by all nature’s little creatures. You share washing facilities and open-air cold showers and there is no electricity or any mod cons. So, leave your smart clothes at home - virtually nobody wears them and termites may nibble them – and live life the Ulpotha way.


    Embogama, Galgiriyawa

    Official star rating

    no rating

    Annual opening

    November to March and June to August.

    Distance from airport

    About 3 hours by car.

    Closest airport


    Room types

    Accommodation at Ulpotha consists of Mud huts, which are all equipped with a mattress with bed linen and mosquito net, cupboard, kerosene lamps, mat. Two huts share one open-air shower enclosure and one wc hut (toilet and washbasin). 

    Hotel facilities and services

    Facilities at Ulpotha include: Dining pavilion (vegetarian cooking), Ayurveda treatment centre, Yoga Pavilion,
    Therapy huts, Lake with small raft and rowing boat, Extensive grounds of farmland, paddy fields and forest

    Included in cost: 
    All yoga and meditation classes
    Use of yoga mats, wooden blocks, belts, small flat cushions & bolsters in the yoga shala
    One massage per week from visiting therapist
    One excursion per week
    3 vegetarian meals per day plus snacks
    A cool and comfortable sarong on arrival

    Water sports

    Land sports

    Out and aboutnearby/local interest

    Local interest: Small villages, Buddhist temple on hill; organic farming.

    Activities nearby: Walking through farmland, villages and forest.

    Sports nearby


    Children can stay at Ulpotha for free if they share a bed with an adult. Older children, up to 16 years of age, and who need a separate bed, can come to Ulpotha with a 50% discount.

    Minimum stays

    7 nights

    Other information

    NOTE: there is no electricity at Ulpotha except in the main house which has limited solar power (sufficient to charge a mobile phone).


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