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/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_007421122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_016421122010.1_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_019621122010.1_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_021821122010.1_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_028021122010.1_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_029921122010.1_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_030921122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_039121122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_041821122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_059221122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_062821122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_063221122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_063321122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_063421122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_063821122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_065821122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_066321122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_067521122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_067621122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960DSC_073121122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1423 Theva restaurant21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1424 Theva restaurant21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1425 Theva Hatara deluxe room21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1426 Theva Penthouse suite bedroom21122010.1_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1427 Theva blue suite21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1428 Theva blue suite21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1429 Theva deluxe room21122010.1_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1430 Theva view21122010.1_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 A/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1432 Theva orange suite21122010_A.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_005621122010.1_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_007421122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_016421122010.1_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_019621122010.1_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_021821122010.1_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_028021122010.1_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_029921122010.1_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_030921122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_039121122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_041821122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_059221122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_062821122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_063221122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_063321122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_063421122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_063821122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_065821122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_066321122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_067521122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_067621122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960DSC_073121122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1423 Theva restaurant21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1424 Theva restaurant21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1425 Theva Hatara deluxe room21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1426 Theva Penthouse suite bedroom21122010.1_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1427 Theva blue suite21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1428 Theva blue suite21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1429 Theva deluxe room21122010.1_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1430 Theva view21122010.1_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH960 B/EXH960_EXH960IMG_1432 Theva orange suite21122010_B.jpg
  • About this holiday

    Theva near Kandy is a truly unique choice of hotel, highly recommended by Expressions Holidays for its chic and contemporary style, excellent panoramic views and exotic cuisine. Located just a couple of kilometres away from Sri Lanka’s cultural capital Kandy, there is plenty to explore during a stay here including temples, markets and forests. An excellent choice for a stylish yet relaxed stay as part of one of our touring itineraries of Sri Lanka.

    The journey and how you get there


    Included in your holiday

    Expressions Holidays includes scheduled flights with Sri Lankan London to Colombo return in economy, private car transfers, bed and breakfast based on two people sharing a double or twin room.

    Holiday prices

    Sample price is per person based on two people sharing a Type A double or twin room 
    £1,400 for 7 nights 
    The price displayed here is a guide only for this hotel and each holiday price will be tailor-made at the time of booking to reflect the actual flight costs and all up-to-date special offers.

    Special Offers

    • Sri Lanka 2020 early booking offer
      Book a holiday of at least 7 nights to Sri Lanka by 30 September 2019 for stays between 1 December 2019 and 31 March 2020 and receive a reduction of £150 per person.

    Hotel code


    Our opinion

    Theva is an intimate, chic and unique choice for staying near Kandy in the hills. Excellent value.

    Hotel description

    Theva is a private and luxurious boutique hotel offering awe-inspiring views across mountains and valleys, just two kilometres from Sri Lanka’s cultural capital of Kandy. The edgy contemporary design, home away from home atmosphere and exotic cuisine make Theva a unique place to stay. The ten crisp, white bedrooms are splashed with the ceremonial perahera procession colours of red, yellow, blue or orange, whilst images of kandyan dancers dart around the walls. Large panoramic windows allow you to wake up to a bird’s eye view of the world and if you stay in a suite you can connect with the landscape from the comfort of your jacuzzi. The service is discreet and thoughtful, the cuisine a delicate fusion of east and west. Only the freshest ingredients are used and the home-made breads and ice-cream are to die for. Located along the slopes of the Hantana range, the clear air and the panoramic skies make Theva a good place to study the stars. Theva is arranged on three floors, so there are plenty of steps. It can be windy up here during monsoon seasons.


    Hantana, near Kandy

    Official star rating

    no rating

    Annual opening

    All year

    Distance from airport

    About 4 hours by car

    Closest airport


    Room types

    There are 10 rooms available at Theva. Room categories are as follows:

    Deluxe Room. Flat screen TV, WiFi and broadband connectivity, En-suite bathroom with shower or bath/shower.
    Superior Room. Balcony with outdoor bathtub and lounger, flat screen TV, WiFi and broadband connectivity, En-suite bathroom with shower or bath/shower.
    Suite. Large windows, great views. Flat screen TV, WiFi and broadband connectivity, En-suite bathroom with shower or bath/shower.
    Penthouse.  A serviced apartment, with kitchen, laundry facilities, Jacuzzi, living room, bar and staff quarters. Flat screen TV, WiFi and broadband connectivity.

    Extra beds can be arranged in Superior Rooms and the Penthouse only for an additional cost.

    Hotel facilities and services

    Restaurant (air-conditioned with panoramic views), Small infinity pool and bar, Sauna

    Water sports

    Land sports

    Out and aboutnearby/local interest

    Local to Theva are: In Kandy - Temple of the Tooth, market and shops, Trinity Chapel; Uddawatakele Forest sanctuary, arts & crafts workshops and antique emporia; Peradeniya Botanical Gardens; Hantana forest, Hantana Tea Museum, Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, Lankatilaka Vihara Buddhist temple.
    Nearest shops and restaurants outside the hotel: In Kandy (2km away)
    Special Events: Kandy Esala Perahera in August

    Sports nearby

    Birdwatching and trekking in Hantana forest 


    Children of all ages are accepted and children’s menus can be arranged. However, the various water features, balconies and sheer drops, make Theva not that child-friendly and it is more suited to couples and romance.

    Minimum stays

    Other information


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