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Paradise Road - The Villa Bentota

/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0112 The Villa Bentota pool21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0113 The Villa Bentota21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0116 The villa bentota21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0117 The villa bentota21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0119 The villa bentota21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0121 The Villa Bentota bedroom No. 4 suite21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0122 The Villa Bentota No.4 suite21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0126 The villa bentota courtyard21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0128 The Villa Bentota view21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0129 The villa bentota21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0130 The Villa Bentota Room 521122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0132 The villa bentota21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0134 The villa bentota21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0135 The villa bentota restaurant21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0137 The villa bentota21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0139 The villa bentota21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0141 The villa bentota entrance21122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974MG_754021122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974MG_766921122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974MG_767021122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974_MG_878621122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974_MG_879221122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974_MG_884021122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974_MG_884621122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974vb121122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974vb1321122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974vb2021122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974vb2121122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974vb3021122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974vb421122010_A.jpg
/uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 A/EXH974_EXH974vb721122010_A.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0112 The Villa Bentota pool21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0113 The Villa Bentota21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0116 The villa bentota21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0117 The villa bentota21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0119 The villa bentota21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0121 The Villa Bentota bedroom No. 4 suite21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0122 The Villa Bentota No.4 suite21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0126 The villa bentota courtyard21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0128 The Villa Bentota view21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0129 The villa bentota21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0130 The Villa Bentota Room 521122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0132 The villa bentota21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0134 The villa bentota21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0135 The villa bentota restaurant21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0137 The villa bentota21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0139 The villa bentota21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974IMG_0141 The villa bentota entrance21122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974MG_754021122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974MG_766921122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974MG_767021122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974_MG_878621122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974_MG_879221122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974_MG_884021122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974_MG_884621122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974vb121122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974vb1321122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974vb2021122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974vb2121122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974vb3021122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974vb421122010_B.jpg
  • /uploadedimages/Images/Sri Lanka/EXH974 B/EXH974_EXH974vb721122010_B.jpg
  • About this holiday

    Paradise Road- The Villa Bentota promises a relaxed atmosphere and an elegant yet fascinating architecture, influenced by the famous architect Geoffrey Bawa. Guests will particularly enjoy the spacious and airy rooms and courtyards of the hotel as well as the small art gallery. Relax by the pool and on the beach or perhaps explore the Bentota area including the lagoon where water sports are available. A good choice for a beach holiday to Sri Lanka or as a stop on one of our touring itineraries.

    The journey and how you get there


    Included in your holiday

    Expressions Holidays includes scheduled flights with Sri Lankan London to Colombo return in economy, private car transfers, bed and breakfast based on two people sharing a double or twin room.

    Holiday prices

    Sample price is per person based on two people sharing a Type A double or twin room.
    From £1,490 for 7 nights.
    The price displayed here is a guide only for this hotel and each holiday price will be tailor-made at the time of booking to reflect the actual flight costs and all up-to-date special offers.

    Hotel code


    Our opinion

    Paradise Road - The Villa Bentota is fascinating and relaxing – a truly inspired choice.

    Hotel description

    Set amidst giant coconut palms in a secluded setting just yards from stunning South Bentota beach, Paradise Road - The Villa Bentota is housed in the restored Mohotti Walauwa, an 1880s Dutch ancestral home. This was converted into Sri Lanka’s first boutique hotel by renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa at the end of the 1970s and retains many of his signature designs. Its new owner, Shanth Fernando of Paradise Road fame, has refurbished The Villa in modern Paradise Road style, also extending it with sensitivity to the original design. The architecture is relaxing and fascinating - at every glance appears a picture within a picture, with clever play between light and shade. Elegant courtyards and white-washed walls seamlessly join together a collection of airy living spaces and individually designed bedrooms and suites. Of the 15 bedrooms and suites, we recommend one of the luxurious Superior suites, which have spacious bedrooms and covered lounge terraces. All the superior rooms and superior suites look onto the sea-facing lawn, but due to the row of pandana trees between the Villa Bentota and the beach, the only room that has a sea view is Suite 4 on the second floor. Also in The Villa Bentota’s two acres of grounds are a new Pavilion for relaxing and dining, and a 75ft-long swimming pool with patio and sun loungers (there is also the original smaller, shallower pool in one of the courtyards). The Villa Café restaurant offers delicious Paradise Road favourites such as Lemongrass and Ginger Chicken and has an authentic pizza oven. Guests can choose where to dine and Chef Nishantha Liyanage, having worked at the renowned Gallery Café in Colombo for many years, knows how to satisfy taste buds. It should be noted that the Colombo-Galle railway line provides the border between The Villa Bentota grounds and the beach so the trains (there are around 12 trains a day) pass in front of the hotel lawn. Although they are noisy they are quite a spectacle to watch go by as you ponder on your balcony or linger by the pool. 



    Official star rating

    no rating

    Annual opening

    All year

    Distance from airport

    About 3 hours by car

    Closest airport


    Room types

    All 15 rooms have: En-suite bathroom with rain shower, Air conditioning and ceiling fan, LCD screen TV, Complimentary Wireless Internet Access, Tea/coffee-making facilities, Mini-bar.
    Description of each Room type:
    Superior Suite.
    Deluxe Suite. Larger than the Superior rooms, with a sitting area.
    Deluxe Suite with Pool.
    Grand Deluxe Suite with Swimming Pool. Two double bedrooms with a shared grand bathroom with free-standing bathtub and a separate lounge area.
    Saman Villa Suite with Swimming Pool.

    Hotel facilities and services

    Villa Café Restaurant open-sided (no air-conditioning), Lounge with Board games, Bar, Sitting areas and pavilions, 2 swimming pools, Paradise Road Gift shop with 10% discount for residents, Art Gallery space featuring local contemporary artists, Laundry and dry-cleaning service

    Water sports

    Land sports

    Out and aboutnearby/local interest

    Local interest (within 30 minutes drive):
    Turtle Hatchery, Brief Garden, Galapita Vihara Temple. 
    Nearest shops and restaurants outside the hotel In the Bentota area: there are numerous hotels with restaurants and some tourist shops. Shops in Aluthgama town. 

    Sports nearby

    Watersports at Bentota Lagoon – including waterskiing and jet skiing; Fishing; River tours.


    Children of all ages welcome. Family rooms, extra beds and children’s menus available. Infant cot (for under 2 year olds) is available free of charge. One child under 5 years old sharing parents’ bed is complimentary.

    Minimum stays

    Other information


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